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Diarrhea is a very unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing problem. Unless it is related to medicine, it generally does not announce its intention to jump, it just starts. There are several reasons, and it can affect anybody at any age. In the very young and old it can be a serious problem, although it generally does not.

Most Common Causes of Diarrhea

One of the most frequent sources of diarrhea is food poisoning. Sometimes it is confused with a flu virus and is called stomach flu. Prevention is always your best bet. Wash all fruits and vegetables carefully to eliminate bacteria and chemicals. Always cook meat and chicken at a minimum of 165 degrees and also cook the egg yolks completely.

There are foods that can also trigger this problem. You have possibly heard the phrase that “green apple in two steps,” and eating green apples may be the culprit. Eating a large number of grapes and unripe can be a fight as well. If you like these, keep in mind to participate in small amounts to avoid spending an unpleasant amount of time in the reading room.

There can be various warnings for you when it comes to medications, although you may have to understand the accompanying literature to discover, if children get temperature paracetamol for children can release the fever systoms. Laxatives are known to develop bowel movements and can lead to diarrhea like symptoms. What might shock you is that both antibiotics and antacids could lead to the issue. Antacids with magnesium are more likely to do so.

Diarrhea Causes

Home Remedies

Before going into details, there are some common things to do. Be sure to stay well hydrated, as you will lose a large amount of fluid in the course of the disease. Keep food on the bland side and do not eat fat amounts of food, because it will increase stress in your gastrointestinal tract. There are over-the-counter remedies for this issue, and they must not interfere with most of the home remedies below:

  1. Apples

You can use applesauce, however, scraping the inside of a raw apple and also eating it is even better. Do not eat unripe apples and do not eat a lot of them. A small amount of apple juice may help if the patient is a baby, but do not overdo it because it could make the problems worse.

  1. Blackberry Leaf Tea

Tannic acids and astringent qualities of blackberry leaves can help decrease diarrhea risk and soothe the intestines during an episode. It has antioxidants as well, which adds health benefits to beer.read more about diarrhea risks at https://www.health.harvard.edu/a_to_z/diarrhea-a-to-z

  1. Licorice

The root of this plant can cover your intestines and stomach, giving them the opportunity to calm down. Diabetics should use Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) since that eliminates sugars. Stick with the marshmallow if you have high blood pressure, as licorice can cause it to rise.

  1. Tea

Tea contains tannins like blackberry leaves that can help cut risks and soothe the intestines. Although any tea could help, black tea is the best. If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression or high blood pressure, avoid tea or use decaffeinated, as the caffeine content could worsen the other medical conditions.


It is possible to resolve diarrhea in a fairly short period of time. Contact a doctor if it does not resolve quickly, as you may need something stronger to overcome the problem. Before starting any new supplement program, ask your doctor or physician. Make sure to provide information on all medical conditions you have, in addition to any medications or supplements that you use. This will certainly help you avoid dangerous side effects and interactions between herbs and medications.