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Is It Time to Buy a House? Here Are the Signs

Is It Time to Buy a House? Here Are the Signs

Buying a house is a huge financial decision, but it is necessary at some point in your life. In Australia, more than 67% of the 8.3 million households are already homeowners. Now, if you’ve been putting off this decision for a while now, here are some telltale signs that now is the right time to take that leap of faith and buy your own house:

You already have enough savings.

Buying your first home is a huge financial commitment, and one of the best ways to prove to lenders that you are capable of repaying a loan is your ability to save money. A good sign that you have enough savings for a down payment is if you have at least 10% or ideally 20% of the home’s total value. The more money you put towards your down payment, the lesser your mortgage—and its interest—will be. It’s also easier for you to get approved for a loan if you have more money in your savings, plus it’s important to have the extra funds for the additional costs you would incur during the homebuying process.

You have decent credit.

We all incur some credit at some point, but it’s also healthy to work on getting a good credit score because this is one of the first things that lenders will look at when evaluating your loan application. Having a good credit score also has its perks, including a lower interest rate from lenders and easier approval. So, if you’ve already paid off most of your debt and you are doing well with your credit score, then it may be time to invest in your own house.

You are paying expensive rent.

If you think about it, some rental rates are almost the same with mortgage yet you’re still not the owner of that house you’re living in. A lot of first-time homebuyers are hesitant because of the high upfront cost. But if you think about it, those high rental fees could be put towards investing in your own home. If you have enough savings in the bank to take care of the down payment, then it’s time to start finding properties within your budget through AVID.

You are ready for commitment.

More than anything, buying a house is a long-term commitment because you’re spending a good chunk of your hard-earned money on it, and you’re also going to live in the same house for the years to come. You might even start building your family and share memories with the most important people in your life in that house. Owning a house is also a huge responsibility because you need to think about upkeep, improvements, and a lot of other things. But if you feel like you’re ready for commitment, then it’s time to start looking for options depending on the house that you need and what you can afford at the moment. It’s all about taking that leap of faith, after all, and committing yourself to be a homeowner.

Thinking Of Moving to Maitland? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Thinking Of Moving to Maitland? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Maitland is a city with rich culture and history, and it seems to be increasingly popular with people from all over Australia. Moreover, it offers plenty of amenities, and fits into most people’s ideas of the perfect place to live in.

Curious to know what exactly Maitland has to offer, and whether it would be a good place for you? Keep reading to find out!


Maitland 101

Maitland sits on the Hunter River and is situated 166km from Sydney and 35km from Newcastle. The city was primarily populated by the Wonnarua People but has seen an incredible increase in population, spanning back from the early 1800s. 

As of 2016, almost 80,000 people were calling Maitland home, and that number has likely increased even more in recent years. 

The city is also somewhat sporty, as it’s home to the Maitland FC, as well as several rugby clubs.



Maitland has everything you could ever need, as well as the amenities of other large NSW cities nearby. What draws a lot of people to the area is the abundance of shopping precincts such as the Centro Maitland Hunter Mall, Stockland Green Hills, Rutherford etc.

Maitland  is also equipped with great schools, across all levels of education, both publicly and privately owned. Perhaps most notably, it’s home to a TAFE campus, as well as the Hunter Valley Training Company. Thus the residents can send their children to good schools and enjoy the educational buffet for themselves if they choose to.


The Real Estate Market

To accommodate the needs of old and new residents, Maitland’s real estate market has had to grow and adapt many times over. As a result, the city is now able to house a lot of people, but that hasn’t left a lot of vacant land for sale Maitland.


Instead, we’re seeing a new trend where people are turning to suburbs near the city. They do so to be able to find more affordable housing and live in quieter, safer areas. 

Not to mention, Maitland’s suburbs are incredibly welcoming and offer a good way to live a more balanced life. Here, you’re able to enjoy the perks of living in smaller, tight-knit communities, while being close to all of the city’s amenities. 

Rutherford, Chisholm and Aberglasslyn are the most popular suburbs, while Waterford is one of the more sought-out neighbourhoods. 


The Community

Throughout Maitland’s history, it has become known as a place that’s very open to newcomers. Moreover, with the increases in population, the residents have become accustomed to meeting and welcoming new people, which is what draws a lot of people to the area. 

Whether you choose to live in the city or one of its many suburbs, you’ll surely feel welcome and at home straight away.


Final Thoughts

As you can hopefully tell by now, Maitland truly is a wonderful place to live in. The city has so much to offer, including a great connection to the entire NSW region. Thus, it’s perfect for working professionals, as well as families who are looking for an affordable place to put down their roots and raise their children.

3 Most Popular & Affordable Melbourne Suburbs, Which One Is Perfect For You?

3 Most Popular & Affordable Melbourne Suburbs, Which One Is Perfect For You?

Living in Melbourne is full of fun and exciting opportunities. But the real estate market can feel like a kick in the gut for those looking to take advantage of all the city has to offer. However, if you’re willing to step outside of the city bounds, you could find that the surrounding suburbs have a lot to offer as well.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top three Melbourne suburbs that can fit into anyone’s idea of the perfect place to live in. 


#1. St Kilda

There are several reasons why St Kilda is at the very top of our list of most popular Melbourne suburbs. First of all, it’s only 6km from the Melbourne CBD, allowing you a quick and easy commute into the city. Thus, a lot of people who are looking for a better work-life balance are attracted to the area.

Some of the more popular amenities available to residents and tourists are the Astor Theatre, Palais Theatre, as well as the historic Luna Park. Additionally, the suburb is home to St Kilda Beach, which is incredibly popular with both sunbathers and swimmers alike.

Not to mention, the suburb features a lot of great real estate, which is quite affordable and fits into most people’s budgets.


#2. Werribee

Werribee sits slightly off the beaten Melbourne path, as it’s located around 32km away from the CBD. That being said, with over 40,000 residents, it’s still one of the go-to locations for both travelers and would-be permanent residents. 

Some attractions include the Werribee National Equestrian Centre, Open Range Zoo, Werribee Park, as well as the scenic Victoria State Rose Garden. 

Werribee is also incredibly well-connected, with an extensive network of trains and busses connecting residents to the neighboring suburbs and larger cities.

Werribee is constantly going through development and growth and making way for new people within its neighborhoods. Not to mention, the real estate market is quite stable, with plenty of available properties for both rent and sale. 

Pro tip: Look into house and land packages Werribee, as they allow you to move into prosperous areas, at a fraction of the time and costs. 


#3. Richmond

This multicultural suburb is thought of as the go-to area to find entertainment in Melbourne. Additionally, Richmond is famous for shopping and football and is located a mere 3km away from the CBD. 

Another great advantage of Richmond is that it allows you to be one with nature, as there is plenty of greenery, as well as well-kept parks around. 

There are also a lot of local shops, cafes, and restaurants, so you likely won’t ever feel the need to go into the city. If you do, you’ll easily be able to access it, as well as other nearby suburbs through a number of train and bus lines.

Another great perk of living in Richmond is that the housing market is incredibly diverse as well. You can choose between picturesque Victorian homes and modern apartments, and you’ll easily be able to find something that fits into your budget.


Final Thoughts

You won’t have to sacrifice anything in order to live in these amazing Melbourne suburbs. What’s more, they’ll allow you to live a quieter, calmer life, while staying in an affordable, friendly neighborhood.

Homeowner’s Guide to Officer — Everything You Need to Know

Homeowner’s Guide to Officer — Everything You Need to Know

Officer is the hub of a lot of development and moving activity in the Victoria area. And, when considering everything the suburb has to offer, we can’t say we’re surprised.

However, if you’re still on the fence and want to know if Officer really lives up to its reputation— keep reading. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Officer, from its history to available activities and real estate.


About Officer

Officer is a quiet little suburb in Melbourne, Australia. It’s located 48 km from Melbourne and 8 km from Berwick. It consists of multiple beautifully designed and well-kept residential communities and provides a homey feel. There are also plenty of house and land packages Officer that allow homeowners to move into gorgeous, well-designed homes quickly.

A lot of the land here is still developing creating medium density housing areas, giving you ample room to live and grow. Also, there’s a diverse community of people living here, coming from all sorts of backgrounds and family structures. So, needless to say, Officer is a suburb that attracts a lot of people and keeps them there with its charm.



Officer, named after early settlers, is situated in a traditional Aboriginal county, whose presence and history can still be felt to this day. During the late 1800s, it was also home to the timber, and then the brickmaking industry. The city would soon garner so many residents, that it got its own postal office. In recent history, Officer even became the home to the Council seat, located in Officer’s Town Centre.



Depending on your interests and lifestyle, there are plenty of fun things to do in Officer. For families with children, there are many recreational parks and playgrounds. For the adults, there are two AFL sporting grounds, where you can even play Cricket. On the other hand, you can always go to the Arena Shopping Centre to get your shopping done or kill a few hours.



As we mentioned, Officer comes with a very diverse community. However, if there’s one thing that all residents have in common, it’s their sense of community and togetherness. Here, people know their neighbours, and everyone looks out for each other.

Because there’s a great selection of schools and parks, Officer is also very popular with families with children. You can often see people walking their kids to school, and having amazing adventures with their friends and family.


Purchasing a Home in Officer

Thanks to the ongoing development in Officer, there are plenty of great opportunities for people looking to move here. This also means that purchasing and renting prices are still realistic for most.

Additionally, purchasing house and land packages Officer is a very affordable, quick and easy way for people to move here. By getting a joint package, homeowners are able to move to Officer at a fraction of the cost (and time).


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know all that Officer has to offer, and are ready to make a decision about whether you should move there or not. If you’re still unsure, we recommend visiting the area on a trip. This way, you’ll be able to see first-hand, whether or not it’s worth setting your roots in.

Buderim 101 — Everything You Need to Know Before Making the Move

Buderim 101 — Everything You Need to Know Before Making the Move

Buderim is, without a doubt, one of the most popular suburbs in the Sunshine Coast Region. Moreover, even though it has a bigger population than most of its neighbours, Buderim is still attracting a lot of new people.

Curious to find out if Buderim is really worth it? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the suburb before you make a decision on moving there.


About Buderim

Buderim’s name is believed to come from the Yugambeh word “budherahm”, which translate to “spiritual” or “sacred”. This definition can be used to describe the suburb to this day, as many people describe it as calm, tranquil and low-key.

That being said, Buderim is one of the bigger suburbs in the Sunshine Coast Region, both size, and population-wise. The suburb sits the centre of Buderim (the city) and has around 30,000 residents.

Additionally, this suburb offers a gorgeous blend of history, tradition, and arts, which is what draws so many people to it. It’s a great place to raise a family, retire in, or use as your home base while commuting to work.



Buderim sits on a mountain and overlooks many of the communities in the Sunshine Coast. It’s also close to the beach, allowing all residents to go in for a dip, whenever they feel like it.

Buderim is located 8km from Maroochydore, and 20km from Caloundra, putting residents in close proximity to the city hustle and bustle. Because of its location, many people choose to move to Buderim and then commute to the bigger cities. This provides them with a better work-life balance and allows them to have the best of both worlds.


The Housing Market

The suburb is mostly composed of standalone homes, with 4 or more bedrooms. Some neighbourhoods also feature semi-detached houses, with apartment units being the least dominant on the market. Additionally, the median weekly rent is well above the national median.

The housing market in Buderim is also quite affordable, and this is shown in the fact that a third of the homes are owned outright. Another great thing is that there’s plenty of land for sale in Buderim, allowing new homeowners to build their dream houses from scratch.


The Community

Somewhere along the way, Buderim got the repudiation of being a retiree community. However, in recent years, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Now, the population mostly consists of modern professionals, as well as families with or without children.

This is due to great schooling options, parks, amenities and greens spaces. It can also be attributed to the fact that the community is very open, friendly, and overall supportive. So, Buderim attracts people who are looking for a fresh start or a better place to raise their children.

Additionally, there are many great shops, cafes, and fun activities for all residents in Buderim.


Final Thoughts

Despite being one of the biggest suburbs in the Sunshine Coast Region, Buderim still comes with a strong feeling of a close-knit community. Additionally, with plenty of land for sale in Buderim, you’ll be able to live in a quiet, peaceful community for an affordable price.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent – 6 Tips

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent – 6 Tips

Choosing a real estate agent to work with buying a property can either make or break your whole house buying experience. That’s why it is essential to choose the right agent to work with to make the transaction smooth and worthwhile.

There are many agents out there, and choosing the best one that suits you is better said than done. To help you with this decision, six tips to ponder on.


1. Choose the Person, Not the Experience

Yes, the experience is an essential thing to consider when choosing the right real estate agent, but it’s not the only thing you should be looking at. Some agents are still starting but have the capabilities and skills to carry out the transaction the best way it could be.

Choose the person and follow your gut. If you feel like this is the one for you, and if he/she passes on the other parameters of being the right agent, then it’s worth a shot.


2. Interview Agents

This person will work for and with you, so it would make sense that you get to interview “applicants” for that position. Opting to interview at least three agents will help you decide on the right one for you.

These interviews will give you a clearer picture of the kind of agent you want to work with. Each one has their personalities, and seeing these through comparison and contrast during the interviews will help you a better perspective of the kind of agent you want to work with.

This will also help you gauge their knowledge about the area you are eyeing to buy a property. Are you looking for house and land in Sunbury? Integrate into your interview and see which agents know best about the area.


3. Seek Referrals from other Homeowners

Who’s got the testimonial than the one they’ve already worked for before? Seek out your circle and ask them for referrals about agents they’ve worked with before. Their experience with them is a reliable and credible glimpse of how this agent will handle this major life decision of yours.


4. Find Someone Who Has Your Best Interest at Heart

Gauge the sincerity of the agent in your interactions with them. Choose an agent who understands that this is a monumental milestone for you and that he/she is willing to take an extra mile to help you achieve it the best way possible.


5. Make Sure They Have Adequate Support

Agents can be busy tending to different clients. So, it’s essential to ask if they have a team behind them who can support them. Do your research first. 

Your agent can be good when you conduct the interview but seeing a bigger picture of how they handle their day to day transactions is essential.

Do they have a support staff who organises their schedule? You wouldn’t want that agent to miss a meeting with you because it was not on the calendar.


6. Choose Honesty

An excellent agent is someone comfortable in telling you the truth. They need to tell you both the pros and cons of the property you will be buying. They also should be able to discuss with you things like investment analysis, neighborhood performance, and long-term impacts.


If you’re looking for house and land packages Plumpton, ask your agent about the benefits.